Redbubble Profit Calculator

The Redbubble Profit Calculator is a tool designed to help artists and sellers on Redbubble calculate their profits from selling products. It typically allows users to input the base price of a product and their desired artist margin (usually a percentage of the base price). The calculator then computes the total profit by adding the artist margin to the base price. This tool aids in understanding and optimizing profit margins for products sold on Redbubble, a popular online platform for selling custom-designed merchandise.

Redbubble is a popular online marketplace that allows independent artists and designers to sell their creations on a variety of products. As an artist or designer, understanding your potential earnings is crucial, and that's where the Redbubble Profit Calculator comes into play. This tool is designed to help artists estimate their earnings from selling their work on Redbubble.

Understanding the Redbubble Profit Calculator


The Redbubble Profit Calculator is primarily used to estimate the profit an artist can make from selling their products. It takes into account various factors, including the base price of the product, the artist's markup, and the retail price.

How It Works

The calculator operates by allowing the artist to input their desired markup percentage over the base price of the product. The base price is set by Redbubble and covers the cost of manufacturing, shipping, and Redbubble's commission. Once the markup is added, the calculator displays the retail price (what the customer pays) and the profit the artist earns per sale.

Factors Affecting Profits

Several factors can impact the profit calculated:

Product Type: Different products have different base prices. For instance, a t-shirt may have a lower base price compared to a framed print.

Markup Percentage: Artists have the freedom to set their markup percentage. A higher markup means higher potential profit but can also lead to a higher retail price, possibly affecting sales.

Sales Volume: More sales naturally result in more profit. However, artists need to balance price and demand to optimize earnings.

Benefits of Using the Redbubble Profit Calculator

  • Transparency: Artists can see exactly how much they will earn from each sale.
  • Pricing Strategy: It helps in formulating a pricing strategy that balances profitability with competitive pricing.
  • Experimentation: Artists can experiment with different markup percentages to see how it affects their potential earnings.
  • Financial Planning: It aids in financial planning, especially for artists relying on Redbubble as a significant income source.

Limitations of Redbubble Profit Calculator

  • While the Redbubble Profit Calculator is a useful tool, it has limitations:
  • Does Not Guarantee Sales: The calculator does not account for the demand or popularity of a product.
  • Market Fluctuations: It does not consider external market factors that might affect sales, like seasonal trends.
  • Fixed Base Prices: Artists have no control over the base prices, which are set by Redbubble.


The Redbubble Profit Calculator is an essential tool for artists and designers using the Redbubble platform. It provides a clear understanding of potential earnings and helps in making informed pricing decisions. However, while it's a helpful guide for financial planning, artists should also consider market trends, product quality, and their target audience to maximize their success on Redbubble.